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Nathan Pacelli

A creator above all things with an aptitude for leadership and business

My career began in print design and branding before transitioning to multimedia design. I was drawn to the blend of visual aesthetics and digital functionality, leading me to UX design. Now as a UX leader, I leverage my strong background in design and business to innovate and create impactful digital experiences that achieve substantial business results.

Monroe Community College

AS: Advertising and Commercial Art

Rochester Institute of Technology

BFA: Graphic Design

Minors in Print Media and Communications

Cornell University

Certificate: User Experience

Rochester Institute of Technology

eMBA Candidate
(Fall 2024)

Focus on Executive Leadership

This is what I can do for you

Empathetic Leadership

Encourage team leaders to practice empathy by actively listening to team members' concerns and motivations, fostering an inclusive environment that values each individual's contributions and well-being

Develop a Collaborative Culture

Promote an environment of open communication and collaboration to encourage creativity and innovative thinking in UX strategy development

Create a UX Vision and Strategy

Create a UX vision and strategy that encompases long-term goals and plans for the team, providing a clear direction and framework for all UX projects

Foster a Human-Centric Mindset

Encourage the adoption of a human-centric approach in all design projects, emphasizing the importance of user research and testing to create meaningful and effective user experiences

Align UX Goals with Business Objectives

Clearly align user experience goals with broader business objectives to ensure that design efforts contribute directly to the company's growth and success

Focus on Scalability and Sustainability

Ensure that design strategies consider scalability and sustainability, planning for the long-term maintenance and evolution of the product’s user interface and user experience